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Ceramic Fiber Cloth

What is Ceramic fiber cloth?

Ceramic fiber cloth is a type of woven fabric that is produced from ceramic fibers based on high purity aluminosilicate, reinforced with fiberglass and alloy steel wire. The final product of this product is white and odorless, it is suitable for applications with high temperatures up to 1260 ° C. The company’s products are dense but flexible, and while adapting to irregular surfaces during execution, they have enough integrity to keep their shape in gaskets and parts.

Ceramic fiber cloth AC-WOOL-CL

Ceramic fiber cloth with the code AC-WOOL-CL is a uniform ceramic fiber mat that is moistened in the resin. Therefore, to produce this product with different densities and thicknesses and depending on the application, different heating processes are performed on them. Sometimes, in order for this product to achieve the desired shape after the final installation, the resins are not cured, but in the end, a single heating step is performed on them. Sometimes, depending on the application, the resins are not fully cured to become semi-flexible. Organic adhesives remain at low and medium temperatures (up to 350 ° C). However, the main and fixed ceramic fiber materials withstand temperatures above 1260 ° C. Therefore, they provide excellent thermal insulation in a wide range of applications.

Ceramic fiber cloth

Features and specifications of Ceramic fiber cloth

  • Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, stable at high temperatures, heat shock resistant
  • Fire and flame retardant
  • Chemical resistant, compatible with most commonly used corrosive, acidic and alkaline chemicals (except hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, and concentrated bases)
  • Lightweight, woven with excellent handling power
  • Excellent formability and flexibility of the fireproof fabric
  • Easy to pack, shape and cut

Some of the various applications of Ceramic fiber cloth of Amol Carborundom Company are:

  • As insulation cover around pipes, thermal inlets, fireproof blankets
  • Exhaust duct insulation
  • Insulation of oven door/kiln
  • Radiant heat reflection
  • Cover glass rollers
  • Commercial uses
  • Fire safety boxes
  • Expansion joints
  • Sealant and gasket
Ceramic fiber cloth

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