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Ceramic boards

Insulated ceramic boards are compact insulators with higher density and mechanical strength than refractory insulators. Insulated ceramic boards are insulation used at high temperatures. This product is supplied by Amol Carborundom company from reputable foreign companies. It is used in many industries such as oil refineries, petrochemicals, power plants, gas refineries and other steel and cement industries.

Structure of insulated ceramic boards

This product is supplied in the form of boards and has various densities and thicknesses. All ceramic boards are made of long length aluminosilicate refractory fibers.

Some of the main features of this product are:

  • Excellent insulation performance
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Low heat storage
  • Heat shock resistance
  • Sound absorber

Ceramic boards

Refractory board applications

This product is mostly used for insulation. Therefore, some of the most important applications of this material are:

  • Insulation ceilings and walls of kilns for tile and porcelain industries
  • Insulation of the floor of continuous kiln wagons in advanced industries producing single parts.
  • Refinery liners and heaters
  • Insulation of boilers of power plants of gas and steam turbines
  • Wall and ceiling insulation of pelletizing industries and production of sponge iron
  • Insulation of thermal devices installed in the construction industry
  • Insulation of thermal device panels

Technical Specifications

The following table describes the technical specifications of the product supplied by Amol Carborundom Refractory Company.

Refractory ceramic board

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