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Ready To Use Mortar

Insulation bricks have a high adsorption rate due to their high porosity. For this reason, their refractory is done with ordinary two-component mortar with many problems. Ready To Use Mortar Refractory Mortar Company is made of wet compounds. This product is produced from the best raw materials with small grains and special glue of this company.

Features and Applications Product of Amol Carborundom Company

The formula of this product is defined in such a way that it has high strength while drying in air. The characteristics of this type of mortar are such that it increases its usability and it can be easily used to form and shape all the connections to the furnace wall. However, it should be noted that the main application of this product as a connection and repair of insulating bricks in petrochemical furnaces, steel industries , oil refineries, ceramics and…. Is.

This product, due to its special and unique formulation while increasing the service time, provides good strength after drying (Setting) and curing (Curing). This mortar can also be used for heavy and dense refractory bricks .

Ready-to-use refractory mortar
Refractory mortar

The main features of ready-to-use refractory mortar are:

  • Ability and ease of use
  • Ideal plasticity and optimal water retention
  • Low shrinkage during cooking and drying
  • High refractory property
  • Bonding Strength
  • Resistant to chemical attacks and corrosion

The main applications of production mortar

Ready To Use Mortar’s Ready To Use Mortar is mostly used for sealing and connection in high temperature furnaces. Therefore, some of the most important applications of this product are:

  • Connecting various types of insulation bricks, heavy bricks and high alumina bricks
  • Resistance to the penetration of heat and hot gases into the insulation system
  • Laboratory and operational kiln furnaces in all high temperature and refractory industries
  • Prevent the penetration of slag and molten metal into joints, joints, holes and….

Technical Specifications

Temperature range and different grades of this product are determined based on chemical compounds in 6 categories. The following table shows the technical specifications of this product.

Technical specifications of ready-to-use refractory mortar of Amol Carburendam Company

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