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Steel fin tube

Steel fin tubes are pipes that play an important role as heat exchangers in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and power industries. Heat exchangers transfer heat from one fluid to another. These pipes have different types depending on the transfer of cold or heat. Amol Carborundom Company is one of the suppliers of steel fin tubes. In the following, you will become more familiar with the applications and features of this product.

Applications of steel fin tubes

Heat transfer (heat exchangers)

Reduce the efficiency of the metabolic process

Energy Transfer

Prevent the accumulation of sediment in the pipes

The following figure shows an example of a steel fin tube:

Features of steel fin tube

These pipes are usually made of stainless steel with ASTM standard A-249 TP304, A179,… as relays (inner core) and blades (fins) made of Al1060 aluminum or carbon steel (CS). These pipes not only improve heat transfer by reducing energy consumption but also prevent problems such as scale buildup in the pipes. Other features of this product include the following:

Creating an inward fluid motion

Increase heat transfer speed

Reduce heat in the shortest time

20 to 30 times increase in heat transfer due to the use of fins

Reducing the volume of converters and thus cost-effectiveness

Increases process efficiency

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Types of steel fin tubes

Steel fin tubes are divided into three categories depending on the type and construction method

Extrude fin tube

Embedded fin tube

HFW fin tube

Are divided.

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