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Refractory Products

Refractory products

Amol Carborundom Company with a history of more than 30 years in the field of production of refractory materials, is one of the most successful manufacturers of this type of products in Iran. Refractories are materials that are highly resistant to high temperatures. This company has been able to produce a variety of refractory products, which we have provided a complete list below.

Manufacturer of refractory products in Mazandaran

Amol Carborundom Company is a manufacturer of refractory products in Mazandaran. The factory of this company is located in Amol city in the green province of Mazandaran. This group has experienced staff in the field of production of this type of products, refractory consulting, refractory execution consulting, design and refractory heating of thermal furnaces according to customers’ requests. Lightweight refractory bricks, heavy refractory bricks, fiber ceramics, refractory ceramic parts are just a few of the items that the company has experience producing.

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As mentioned, Amol Carborundom Company has more than three decades of experience in selling refractory products in its portfolio. During these three decades, the company has succeeded in concluding more than thirty refractory contracts with large companies. Quality is a priority for this company.

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Activated carbon or activated carbon is a type of carbon that is processed to have small, compact pores. This action increases the contact surface of

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Formic acid

Formic acid ( ant ink ) or methanoic acid is the simplest member of the carboxylic acid group. Its chemical formula is HCOOH and is found in nature in the bites

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Polyaluminum Chloride

Polyaluminum Chloride Polyaluminum chloride or pack is one of the most important coagulants used for water treatment and municipal and industrial wastewater. The coagulation process has a

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Refractory cotton

Refractory cotton Ceramic asbestos (bulk ceramic fiber) is a high temperature refractory insulator made from alumina and silica fibers. This product is composed of loose and

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