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Vacuum form

Vacuum forms are produced and supplied in two general categories: 1260 degrees and 1430. The ceramic fibers used are mainly aluminosilicate materials, which are usually reinforced with polymer resins.

How to use the vacuum form

Vacuum forms are usually installed using steel anchors or special mastic insulation in the place of the furnace sight valves and are resistant to heat shock caused by temperature drop (opening and closing of the furnace sight valves).

Vacuum form

Vacuum features of AC-WOOL forms  

  • High temperature stability
  • Heat shock resistance
  • Low heat storage
  • light weight
  • Good chemical stability

Some important applications of vacuum form:

  • Inspection Door Insulation
  • Insulation around furnace doors
  • Insulation and insulation of expansion joint at the installation site of sponge iron furnace openings
  • Insulation of radiant pipe sections in boilers and furnaces
  • An asbestos-free alternative ideal for asbestos and its products

Technical Specifications

The following table shows the technical specifications of the product:

Technical specifications of vacuum form

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