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Fiber refractory paste

Fiber refractory paste is a mixture of dough consisting of ceramic fibers, organic and mineral binders. The fibrous nature of this product leads to the creation of a layer with a coefficient of thermal expansion and low thermal conductivity and high shock absorption. On the other hand, the use of suitable binders creates a hard surface after installation and drying.

Applications of fiberglass paste

Fiber refractory paste can be used in different thicknesses on the inner wall of the furnace, on loose metal, heavy and light bricks , light and heavy mass, modulus, board , Z-block, etc. This product is also used in hot and cold kiln repairs to seal and fill cracks and crevices caused by mass loss and light and heavy bricks (Hot or Cold Spot Repair).

How to use and types of fiberglass paste

It is also worth mentioning that it can be applied by molding, troweling, pumping or spraying methods and is offered in three grades: 0C 1260 (LT), 0C 1430 (MT) and 0C1550 (HT).

Fiber refractory paste

Features of Amol Carborendam Fiber Refractory Dough

  1. Low density and heat capacity
  2. Ease of mixing, applicability by spraying, troweling, pumping and casting to prepare prefabricated parts, etc.
  3. High resistance to physical corrosion (Gas Erosion) and chemicals caused by combustion products
  4. Excellent adhesion and connection to refractory bricks, mass, modulus and loose metal of the furnace without the need for anchors
  5. High dry strength due to suitable binders and excellent sintering resulting in ceramic bonding
  6. Non-toxic and odorless

Some important applications of fiberglass paste

  •  Petroleum and hydrocarbon furnaces (olefin, ethylene cracker, reformer, and hydrogen furnace)
  • On-line refractory hot spot repairs
  • Turbine exhaust duct hot spot repairs
  • Boiler & Blast Furnace hot spot repairs
  • Seal furnace penetrations
  • Seal around burner blocks
  • Caulk refractory cracks
  • Repair and seal boiler penthouse floors
  • Refractory backup
  • Backup for molten metal ladles
  • Seal joints on kiln car decks
  • Seal furnace door jambs

Technical specifications of fiberglass paste

The following table shows the technical specifications of this product.

Technical specifications of fiberglass paste

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