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Ceramic blankets

Amol Carborundom Company provides high temperature ceramic blankets for a variety of activities that require thermal management and fire protection. This type of blanket used in high temperature, which is supplied by this company from reputable foreign companies, is used in many industries such as petrochemicals, power plants, oil and gas refineries and other parent industries.

Features of Amol Carborundom ceramic blankets

Ceramic blankets are highly resistant to chemicals and due to their special weight ratio, they have a unique performance in high temperature applications. Chemical resistance of these refractories is affected only by hydrofluoric acid (HF) and high pH bases (such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH)) and is very durable against other materials. The main feature of these blankets is excellent strength before and after heating.

The structure of ceramic blankets

These blankets are offered in rolls and have various densities and thicknesses. All blankets are made of long refractory fibers that have no glue or needles.

Ceramic blankets

Advantages of ceramic blankets

Some of the main advantages of these blankets are:

  • Excellent insulation performance
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Low heat storage
  • Heat shock resistance
  • Sound absorber
  • High chemical stability except against hydrofluoric acid and bases with high pH

Applications of ceramic blankets

This product is mostly used for insulation. Therefore, some of the most important applications of this material are:

  • Lining size of furnaces and kilns
  • Insulation of boilers
  • Primers for reformers and heaters
  • Insulation of gas and steam turbines
  • High temperature oven repairs
  • Furnace expansion space
  • Duct liner and piping
  • Thermal barrier in the automotive industry

Technical Specifications

In the following, we refer to the technical specifications of the product provided by this company:

Ceramic blankets

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