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Anti-acid mortar

The only mortar that is resistant to sulfuric acid with a concentration of over 80% is a mineral mortar based on potassium silicate. Amol Carborundam antacid mortar is a mortar based on aluminosilicate and potassium silicate solution. Amol Carborundam Anti-Acid Mortar is a two-component product based on minerals and potassium silicate. The main function of this material is to resist severe corrosion of joints and places to be repaired in incinerators, pits and..

Types of anti-acid mortars

A variety of mortars are made and produced as acid-resistant mortars. Resin mortars such as furan and phenolic resin base mortars are responsive up to 60% acid concentration and vinyl ester and polyester resins, although responsive up to 80% acid concentrations, have very low thermal resistance.

The difference between anti-corrosion products and anti-acid mortar

It is worth noting that many experts and specialists confuse anti-corrosion products with anti-acid mortar. It should be noted that acids are only one of the causes of corrosion and other important factors are involved in corrosion. For example, in conditions of extreme humidity, the use of anti-acid mortar does not help.

Anti-acid mortar; Product required by industries

While in the petrochemical industry, in many cases, we see acid loss. So the need for anti-acid mortar is strongly felt. Therefore, in order to provide better services to oil and gas refineries, petrochemicals, all industries dealing with acid ponds, mineral recycling and fire pit (Burn Pit), Amol Karborundem Company produces anti-acid silicate mortar. Potassium is the best material for bonding and coating anti-acid bricks. This product is used to connect anti-acid bricks and also to protect metals and concretes against acid vapors and other corrosive gases in places such as ponds and acid tanks, incinerators, ducts that pass hot and corrosive gases and . Used.

Applications of anti-acid mortar:

  • All areas in contact with acid, especially when acid spills on the surface of the material
  • Neutralization pools
  • Reservoirs and sources of acid storage
  • Waste incinerators
  • Metal smelting industries
  • Tunnels and sulfuric acid passage

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