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Refractory prefabricated parts

Refractory prefabricated parts are parts with non-standard and complex shapes. One of the methods of making these parts ‌ is the vibration cast method. These parts are made using refractory cement compounds and aggregates based on aluminosilicates (bauxite, andalusite, chamotte), magnesite and alumina. These parts are classified into two types based on the amount of alumina: light (low alumina content) and heavy (high alumina content).

Refractory prefabricated parts

Application of prefabricated parts

  • Steel industry and regenerative modules: choke tile parts, burner tiles, burner blocks and sight valves
  • Petrochemical industry: Lintel block and deflector parts
  • Oil Industry: Muffle Block and Access Round Parts
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile industries: Roller and shuttle furnace burners
  • Heat Treatment Furnaces: Air Nozzles and Burner Furnace Burner Blocks


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