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Refractory Fabric

Ceramic Fiber Cloth What is Ceramic fiber cloth? Ceramic fiber cloth is a type of woven fabric that is produced from ceramic fibers based on high

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Ceramic blankets

Ceramic blankets Amol Carborundom Company provides high temperature ceramic blankets for a variety of activities that require thermal management and fire protection. This type of

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Fiber ceramic refractory paper

Fiber ceramic refractory paper Fiber ceramic refractory paper supplied by Amol Carborundom with the code AC-WOOL-P is a high purity alumina-silica insulation material. Amol Carborundom

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Refractory cotton

Refractory cotton Ceramic asbestos (bulk ceramic fiber) is a high temperature refractory insulator made from alumina and silica fibers. This product is composed of loose and

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Ceramic boards

Ceramic boards Insulated ceramic boards are compact insulators with higher density and mechanical strength than refractory insulators. Insulated ceramic boards are insulation used at high temperatures. This

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Refractory rope

Refractory rope Amol Carborundom Company is one of the professional suppliers of various types of ceramic fiber insulation such as refractory rope, products that have many

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Vacuum form

Vacuum form Vacuum forms are produced and supplied in two general categories: 1260 degrees and 1430. The ceramic fibers used are mainly aluminosilicate materials, which are

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Ceramic Z-blocks

Ceramic Z-blocks In general, aluminosilicate fibers with the ability to be used at different temperatures that are produced in the form of folds (z-shaped) or

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