Supplier of chemical and catalyst

Producer of all kind of insulating & refractory fire bricks

Design, consulting and implementation of different industrial firing kilns

About us

Amol Carborundom Company

  • Producer of all kinds of insulating & refractory fire bricks
  • Supplier of chemical and catalyst for industries of oil, gas, petrochemical, steel and water/wastewater treatment
  • Design, consulting, and implementation of different industrial firing kilns


About Amol Carborundom Company

  • The company of Amol Carborundom is the first producer of insulation fire brick in Iran that has been established in 1988. Its initial production was about 300 mm3 of insulation fire brick. However, after considerable progress 30 years ago, the quantity, quality, and diversity of productions have dramatically increased.

With the presence of capable specialists at Amol Carborundom Company

  • Because of the advanced knowledge of the experts of this company, they could produce special ceramic & alumina pieces such as ceramic cuplock and alumina ferrules by the process of molding injection.
  • Also, they could access the new formula for insulating coating layers in the base of Alumina and Zirconium. It successfully enhances the efficiency and lifetime of the kiln. To the best of our knowledge, it decreases the power dissipation of the heating kiln.

Amol Carborundom Company; Supplier of most of the goods required by the companies

  • In recent years, this company has tried to supply the needed chemicals and catalysts for different industries in Iran such as oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, and water & wastewater treatment.
  • The company has designed, consulted, and performed the many different types of sintering kilns with the help of well-qualified engineering and technical team.
  • These days, the company of Amol Carborundom is one of the prominent firms in this area of industry and could successfully produce and supply the materials.

The company of Amol Carborundom always successfully offers in the fields of:

Insulating /refractory products such as Insulating fire brick, Dense brick, Ceramic fiber, Insulating refractory castable, Dense refractory castable, Insulating mortar, Insulating calcium silicate, Ceramic specific pieces, Refractory stainless steel anchor, Pre shape-Refractory pieces, Advanced ceramic pieces, Ceramic refractory coating.
Different catalysts and adsorbents like Silica gel, Activated carbon (or activated coal), Active Alumina, and Molecular Sieve. Different chemicals such as Cryolite, Poly Aluminium Chloride, Potassium Carbonate, and polyelectrolyte Morpholine.

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